Ways to move forwards with your grief

How you go about moving forward and trying to get yourusual life back on track after experiencing the deep loss and pain when your pet passes is an intensely personal experience and should never be about other peoples expectations of how you should be doing at a specified time.

It’s a time to take it easy on yourself, moving forward doesn’t mean you should forget about your pet, it is more about trying to achieve your usual day to day activities and trying to enjoy your life while still missing your pet.

Acknowledge and understand your heart will be broken and recognise your need to grieve. Take as much time as you need. If you need to take time off from work you should without feeling guilty.

Make space for your feelings and understand they are a reaction to your grief. Some common feelings will be anger, sadness, bitterness, resilience and compassion. They have a purpose in that they allow you to process and feel the whole loss. Self protection will try to reduce the intensity of these feelings.

 But when you can address and recognise your feelings you can attempt to move forward and not dwell on the sadness for long periods of time. This strategy will help you move past the negative or bad feelings and then open your mind to start to remember and think about all of the beautiful and amazing memories you had with your pet. This can help a lot to reduce your grief and can allow your mood to lift to a happier place (that place your pet would want you to be in.)

So eventually you can find a place where the grief is not as paralysing and consuming. Although you may still feel pain and sorrow when you think of your pet you may now be able to do so with a smile and a thought of your pets cheeky and gorgeous antics.

Pet cremation locally in the South West of WA can allow you to have your precious pet back to you soon and we have found this helps enormously with processing and working through the stages of grief.