Things you can do to show your dog how much you love him/her!

The things that we think our dog would love or ways we naturally show them affection are not always taken by our pets as well as what we hope! Hugging is one of the biggest misconceptions that we think our dog would enjoy. A hug can be seen as threatening and even a dominant way to hold your dog down and make them feel trapped. A better way is to lean on them, you may have seen them do this to you on occasion and it is their interpretation of a hug.

Rubbing his ears and especially the area in front of his ears, can release endorphins and is much nicer for him than a pat on the head. Dogs love direct eye contact with their special human, it allows you to speak to each other, and it’s a way to transmit your love to him and let him know how special he is. For a dog you don’t know however, eye contact should initially be avoided as can be seen as threatening or intimidating, you should allow dogs you don’t know to make the first move and approach you first.


When going on his favourite walk, your dog doesn’t want to hurry or go in a straight line, they prefer to use their nose and sniff all of the new and exciting smells and occasionally follow these smells. Let your dog lead you on the walk as to where he wants to go, and let him take the time to finish with each smell, sniffing takes a lot of energy and so can use your dog’s energy without being fast or high impact. Take some time out while you are at home together to play or focus just on your dog. This may be teaching him a new trick, playing ball or fetch together or just sitting together. Doing this each day lets your dog know how special he is to you and it will strengthen your bond enormously.

The bond between people and dogs has huge benefits for your health, bonding with your dog has been shown to improve your mind, body and spirit. Giving your dog an interesting and fun life filled with lots of love is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying things you can do.