Pet Cremation Prices

We offer a sympathetic and respectful south west based pet cremation service so you can have your beloved pet home with you as soon as possible without the hassle of dealing with a Perth based service.

We offer our pet cremation service as a unique and respectful way for people to keep their cherished friends after they pass over the rainbow bridge.

All cremations include a beautiful scatter box for the safe keeping of your beloved pet’s ashes.

Pet Cremation Services

Group Cremation

Group cremation ashes are scattered at a beautiful location on Annie Brook Farm in Carbanup.

Small $30
Medium $40
Large $60


Individual Cremation

We include a beautlifully made and dignified scatterbox to safely contain your pet’s ashes to scatter.

Extra Small (<2kg) $150
Small (<10kg) $250
Medium 11-25kg $280
Large (26-40kg) $300
Extra Large (>41kg) $350



We can laser engrave your text directly onto urns, or you can have a gold plaque on the scatter or timber boxes.

Up to Two Lines $30
Up to Five Lines $55

Laser etched photo of your pet please contact us for pricing as will vary.

Laser Etched Photo
Laser etched photo of your pet please contact us for pricing as will vary.
Jarrah & Marri Boxes

Locally Made Timber Options

Small -15kg $90
Large 15-40kg $120
Extra Large (>40kg) $130
PAW Print Urns


Medium $80
Large $90
Sea Fossil Urns


Extra small $50
Small $70
Medium $90
Large $100
Extra large $110
Local Ceramic Urns

Handmade ceramic urns and candle holders, we are able to have some of your pets ashes swirled through the glaze of these products creating a truly unique remembrance piece. Also availabe in different glazes.

 Small cylinder $120
Large cylinder $140
Round urn $150
Bios Tree Urn

The bios urn allows proper growth of a plant/tree. It is biodegradable and can be planted in the ground or in a pot and you can choose a special plant that will enable you to remember your beloved pet.

Bios Tree Urn $189


Paw Print Jewelry

Memorial sterling silver jewelry from your pet’s paw prints. Shapes can be circle, heart or dog tag, pet’s names can be inscribed on the front or back.

Small $137.50
Medium $148.50
Large $170.50
50cm Sterling Silver $33
50cm Black Bolo Necklace $22
Sterling Silver Link Bracelet $27.50
Single Bolor Bracelet $11
Double Bolo Bracelet 15.5
Keychain $5.50