About Us

Who we are

Rainbow Bay Pet Cremations is the only local, family owned pet crematorium in the South West of WA. Tim and Sharyn Vanderbeek opened Rainbow Bay Pet Cremations in January 2017. We understand first hand the grief and trauma involved in losing your beautiful companion, we will do everything to make this difficult time as easy as possible for you and to have your pet back with you within just a week as we understand how much that will help with grieving for them. Our business is located in Carbanup, between Dunsborough, Vasse & Margaret River, we live just around the corner in Yallingup.

We love pets

Tim has been exploring options for opening a pet crematorium in the south west of WA, for the last 6-7 years, we finally realised our dream to do this this year.

Sharyn has been a vet for almost 20 years and Tim always had the idea that we are well placed to offer a caring compassionate service in this unique field.

We know that people losing their loved companions down here do not want them to have to go to Perth to be cremated.

We offer our pet cremation service as a unique and respectful way for people to keep their cherished friends after they pass over the rainbow bridge.

Our pets


April 2001 – Oct 2014

We lost our life long love Bill 6 years ago. He was a rescue from the Busselton pound we saved from euthanasia. He was 60kgs and was such a gentle giant, he loved water and would go diving in our dam and haul out 3-4kg rocks


13/02/15 – 23/02/2017

In February 2017 we came home from work to find our gorgeous 2 year old Jack Russel ‘Rory’ already gone probably from a snake bite. The devastation we felt as a whole family was shattering. The kids cried for days, we think and talk about him and his antics daily.


Born 2005 – 10/04/2021

This is my beautiful Holly I hand reared her about 12 years ago, she can leave to join the wild Roos at any time but chooses to stay with us, her fave position in Bazza’s bed! Holly unfortunately left us on 4/10/21 she was 16 years old which is very old for a roo, we miss her and her amazing antics every day.


Born 2014

We still have Bazza a 6 year old flat coated retriever who also misses his mate Rory every day. He does occasionally play with Holly the kangaroo, who has been with us for 12 years since I hand reared her as a joey.


Born 2017

Huey is a 3 yr old wolfhound x lab. We rescued him from SAFE Busselton about 6 mths ago. He has completed our family and Bay is so happy to have another brother to play with. He is a gentle giant but still a teenager! We adore him.